Explore Roctool's innovative medical industry molding solutions, revolutionizing the healthcare sector with advanced manufacturing techniques. Experience the highest quality products tailored to meet the stringent requirements of the medical industry.


Medical Solutions

High speed heating of the tool surface with integrated induction network.

Fast cooling with water lines

Easily cleanable and aesthetic surfaces

Devices and housing:

  • Easily cleanable, high gloss surfaces with filled materials and improved resistance due to reduced molded in stress.
  • Blood management / Monitoring and diagnosis / Home care / Surgical
  • Up to 130% gloss improvement with Roctool.
Recycled Clothes project<br />
100% recyclable chair<br />

Weld line elimination

Void free surfaces for improved cleaning, aesthetic improvement from low to high gloss. Improved robustness of portable devices and increased boss and pull out strength.


  • Portable products / monitoring & diagnosis (microfluidic devices)
  • Home care / Device housing

Micro replication

    Unmatched mold surface replication, ideal for functional surfaces. Reduced molding remnants for laser joining


    • Microfluidic diagnosis
    • Functional surfaces
    Recycled Carbon Fiber Project<br />
    100% recyclable chair<br />

    Flow extension

    • Large increase in flow length
    • Larger process window
    • Reduction of shear heat
    • Reduced part thickness
    • Use of very high viscosity materials
    • Reduced filling pressure


    Heat & Cool system


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