USR™ – Ultra Surface Replication

Experience the next level of manufacturing excellence with ultra surface replication. Achieve unparalleled precision and quality in molded products, setting new standards in the industry.


All Materials & Textures are possible
with Roctool technology

Surface<br />

Surface Replication

High definition reproduction directly from the mold surface to the part surface. Replication levels go to unchartered territories, at micro, nano and femto levels.

Next-Gen Textures

Next-Gen Textures

Achieve premium & unique textures, thanks to Roctool’s induction mold surface heating. Type of textures include decorative finishes, functional surfaces, and new finishes you can create on your own.

Molding Defects Elimination

Molding Defects Elimination

Reduction or elimination of weld lines, sink marks, blush, flow marks, mold in stress. Mold your resin with Roctool technology to see what you can achieve.

No Secondary Operations

Ultra Surface Replication™ and Roctool technology open the door to challenge secondary operations such as paint, spray and also to make a more sustainable product.

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Ultra Surface Replication product examples


Heat & Cool system


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