Elevated sustainability

Embrace elevated sustainability practices for a greener future. Explore innovative solutions and eco-friendly practices that promote environmental responsibility and contribute to a sustainable world.


Elevated sustainability

Our mission is to give brands the ability to mold the most challenging sustainable materials while maximizing quality surface and creative design for their products.

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Recycled Materials

Converting waste materials like ABS or PP into new materials and objects with high surface quality (e.g. 62% improvement on Gloss Units vs. conventional).

Reclaimed Materials

Using other industries by-products or waste to create new items. Thanks to Roctool we can give value to these normally discarded materials.

Bio Sourced Materials

Enhancing materials from Nature to get a unique look & feel from unlimited sources. We are continuously testing bio-sourced materials (e.g. Cork / Wood / Linen / Bamboo / Stone / Banana / Paper) with positive results.


Reduced Operations

Reducing or eliminating paint and secondary operations. Paint is not needed anymore to hide molding defects. Defects will be completely eliminated or drastically reduced.

Recycled Clothes project

Materials: Used and discarded clothes. Will be transformed into fibres or powders to be pre-impregnated and later used with our thermocompression technology.

Thanks to Roctool, these clothes can have a second life, solving one of the biggest issues of the fashion industry, the excess of discarded clothes which are burned most of the time (contaminant process).

Molded in housings / makeup boxes / headphones / house appliances and a lot more “rigid“ items needed in consumer products and electronics markets.

Recycled Clothes project<br />
100% recyclable chair<br />

100% recyclable chair

Born from the earth – designed for the future, this design #1 chair is made from 100% recyclable materials.

Materials: sustainably sourced composite linen fibres, bio-based resin and recycled brass.

Thanks to Roctool, these fully recyclable, organic and eco-friendly parts were molded on a complex shape without any defects and great resistance.

Recycled Carbon Fiber Project

Materials: reuse of carbon fibers from different industries.

Thanks to Roctool, recycled carbon can reach a premium look with a sustainable and economical approach.

Recycled Carbon Fiber Project<br />
<br />
Owl Box Project<br />
Materials: 100% recycled ABS.

Owl Box Project

Materials: 100% recycled ABS.

Thanks to Roctool, a fully recycled material can be molded with an impressive surface quality : no defects, no blush, a perfect surface replication (+128% vs. conventional molding) and ultra gloss (reaching 81 gloss units vs. 50 gloss units with conventional molding).

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