Car lighting

Experience the brilliance of Roctool's car lighting industry molding solutions, illuminating automotive excellence with superior design, performance, and efficiency. Drive forward with cutting-edge lighting technology.


Enhance lighting performance

Combining Roctool technology with laser texturing for ultra surface replication

Key Advantages:

  • Better light dispersion (Reflector)
  • Enhanced light diffusion
  • Ultra surface replication for unique designs
  • Part stress reduction for low birefringence

Enabling better Automotive Lighting Properties by the shaping of light beam via light refraction

Additional Information:

  • Innovative lighting texture design
  • Materials used: PMMA & PC
  • Top quality lighting component without defects in a 2K or 3K automated process
  • Premium look with decorative finish
  • Optimized process
Recycled Clothes project<br />

NTS – Nanotextured Surface

How the high replication level of functional textures can improve light diffusion homogeneity with Conventional vs Roctool technology

Demonstration mold designed and manufactured in partnership with +GF+ & Reichle Technology

Recycled Carbon Fiber Project<br />


Heat & Cool system


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