Experience the cutting-edge technology of eco-molding, delivering high-quality products with a wide range of options in plastics, composites, and metals. Achieve up to 97.2% tool surface replication for exceptional results.


3 Pillars Working Together 

Advanced Surface Technologies

Design Elevation of the finished part.
Next-gen surfaces via laser texturing.
Mix of textures on the same part.
Functional surfaces in tactical areas of the product.
CO2 reduction.

Best Molding Process

High-speed induction heating with cycle time optimization.
Low scrap due to accurate technology therefore higher flow and material savings.
Consistent automatic process.
Avoid all secondary operations including paint, hot stamp & spray.
CO2 reduction.

Sustainable Materials

Increased usage of recycled resins.
Explore the most sustainable resins.
Bio-sourced, reclaimed, natural, recycled, recyclable, and all other materials.
CO2 reduction.

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ECO-MOLDING™ product examples


Heat & Cool system


Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Beauty, Consumer Goods, Medical

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