HD Plastics™ Material Database

Unlock a world of material possibilities with the HD Plastics™ material database. Discover a comprehensive collection of materials for superior results in plastic injection molding, pushing the boundaries of innovation.


Introducing High Definition Plastics

High Definition Plastics Database is dedicated to measuring quality and process improvement per material when using Roctool technology. Each molding test is completed first in conventional molding and then with Roctool technology for clear comparison.

We are constantly adding new material providers and new resins in order to grow this unique database

More than 40 materials ready to be discovered

We have worked with key resin supppliers to give you an exhaustive comparative study of more than 40 materials including PC, PEI, ABS and more.

Recycled Clothes project<br />
100% recyclable chair<br />

Precise Comparative Studies between Roctool and Conventional

With key data, you can easily see and measure the differences VS conventional process.

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Recycled Carbon Fiber Project<br />


Heat & Cool system


Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Beauty, Consumer Goods, Medical

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Feasibility Study, Engineering, Analysis & Tool Design, Components, Installation

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