Solar Solutions

Experience the power of Roctool's advanced molding solutions for the solar panel industry. Our innovative techniques and technologies drive innovation, enhancing the performance of renewable energy solutions


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Innovation in
Solar panel production

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The most sustainable ECO-MOLDING™ technology that is cost-effective, flexible and most of all, contributing to the minimum carbon footprint for solar applications, with the support from CEA and the French National Institut for Solar Energy (INES)

100% recyclable chair<br />

Innovative Process

3D Geometry

Fast cycle time (less than 10 mins.)

Lightweight (40% savings)

Large dimensions (bigger than 3m²)

Industrial competitive solutions

High productivity & performance

Compatible with advanced solar cells technology

Local sourcing & Manufacturing

(supply chain management)

Recycled Clothes project<br />
100% recyclable chair<br />

Small carbon footprint

Use of recycled & thermoplastic materials

Recyclable Solutions

Local sourcing & Manufacturing

(supply chain management)


Heat & Cool system


Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Beauty, Consumer Goods, Medical

with Us

Feasibility Study, Engineering, Analysis & Tool Design, Components, Installation

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