Why invest in Roctool ?

Explore the compelling reasons to invest in ROCTOOL and seize opportunities for growth in the dynamic field of plastic injection molding. Discover our innovative technology, market potential, and commitment to driving industry advancements


Why invest in Roctool?

Unlimited Surface Design

High potential for growth and solid capabilities to capture value

Tool Surface Replication

Roctool revolutionizes rapid molding processes for composites, plastic injection and metal

190 patents worldwide

Technology and process protected by 16 Patent families & over 150 Patents worldwide

Eliminate Secondary Operations

Important potential of the addressable markets

Increased Part Quality

A strong business model

Stock Market

Since November 2013, Roctool has been listed on Euronext Growth.

In the year 2000, the historic merger of the Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris stock exchanges gave birth to a new entity called Euronext.

Subsequently, in 2007, Euronext completed a merger with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to form a new world-leading company: NYSE Euronext. This union created the largest group of stock exchanges in the world.


Heat & Cool system


Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Beauty, Consumer Goods, Medical

with Us

Feasibility Study, Engineering, Analysis & Tool Design, Components, Installation

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