Roctool & Authentic Material

16 November 2021

Authentic Material, first manufacturer of natural materials for the luxury industry, announce the integration of Roctool technology, the leader in molding technologies, to expand its offer and increase its production capacity.

Toulouse, 16th November 2021, at 8 AM

Authentic Material, a company specialized in the design and production of innovative materials from unexploited natural material deposits, and Roctool, specialists in material molding technologies, combing their innovative capabilities to offer high value-added materials to luxury houses seeking eco-responsible solutions.

Authentic Material recycles animal, plant or mineral materials from its customers into new custom-made materials, which they then integrate back into their production. In a circular loop, Authentic Material restores value to these natural materials resulting from quality deviations, production workshops or unused stocks. Brands then use them for various applications, such as: packaging, leather goods, accessories etc. This is what Authentic Material has called “Natural self-sourcing”.

As the leader in induction heating technologies, Roctool supports its customers in their energy transition process by optimizing the environmental impact of the transformation of their materials.

Industrialization in progress

At the end of 2019, Authentic Material raised funds to obtain cutting-edge technology, and initiate its industrialization process. Together, Authentic Material and Roctool have designed specific equipment for the needs of the Toulouse based company: a flexible thermocompression molding platform, dedicated to mass production of natural materials. This investment was notably supported by the Occitanie Region and the BPOC.

Vincent Menny, Authentic Material President states: “This first phase of industrialization, which was a very complex project, conducted during the troubled period of the health crisis, taught us a lot. This feedback is very useful for the continuation of our industrial development.”

“Through this synergy, Roctool extends its diversification strategy towards the use of its process in composites and in particular, high quality bio based materials. This project is a way for our two companies to increase our skills by combining our R&D resources. We will therefore be able to gain insight into the potential of future materials and offer tomorrow’s designers new, more environmentally-friendly solutions” explains Mathieu Boulanger, Roctool’s CEO.

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