Decathlon & “Eco-Molded” helmets with Roctool technology

5 January 2022

Decathlon, with its design & industrialization teams, launches its first production of “Eco-Molded” helmets with Roctool technology

Just over a year after the launch of a prototype helmet to evaluate the Roctool technology, the Decathlon Head Protection industrial process confirms the choice of the technology for the first helmet models in production by the end of 2022.

The prototype produced at the beginning of 2021 validated that with Roctool’s patented rapid heating technology, it is possible to produce parts that are much thinner than conventional ones, and thus reduce the proportion of plastic used per part, while maintaining similar mechanical properties. In fact, the molded outer layer of the helmet offers a spectacular 45% reduction in the proportion of plastic used conventionally. This saving of plastic material allows a gain of 14% in kg CO2 eq on the total impact of the urban model chosen for this first study.

“The prototyping phase confirmed our expectations in terms of part fineness and material savings. We are eager to exploit the technology in production to contribute to the group’s efforts to reduce CO2 per part produced” explains Franck PACAUD, Manager Decathlon Head Protection.

With the launch of these projects, Decathlon is joining the “Eco-Molding” initiative created by Roctool. This ambitious initiative brings together the three main pillars for creating, developing and producing the eco-responsible products of tomorrow:

  • Work with more virtuous materials, with thinner thicknesses in order to limit the amount of plastic per part produced
  • Optimize the molding process, with high performance heating and cooling
  • Exploiting the mold surface and accessing new generations of surface finishing, and thus reducing or even eliminating finishing operations such as painting

“We are very happy to work with Decathlon and the Decathlon Head Protection teams on the themes of material reduction and new, more eco-responsible designs. With these launches and this partnership, Decathlon joins the circle of major brands that are focusing on our technology for the years to come and is contributing to the acceleration of our Eco-Molding solution” underlines Mathieu Boulanger, CEO of Roctool.

Depending on the success of these first projects, Decathlon intends to deploy the technology on other helmet models in the group.

Contact presse / Relations investisseurs

Valentine Boivin
+33 1 75 77 54 65

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