Record attendance for Roctool at K-2022 in Germany

8 November 2022

Press Release Tuesday 8th November

Record attendance for Roctool at K-2022 in Germany

Every three years, the K-show in Dusseldorf, brings the plastics world together for 8 full days. Roctool, perfectly positioned for this 2022 edition, recorded a large number of visitors at its stand. More than 1,200 visitors in total!

Among these visitors, more than 60 nationalities with a strong presence from Germany, Italy, France and the United States. Many Asian countries where also well presented.

An impressive number of brands came to meet with Roctool on their stand: more than 110 brands were recognised by the Roctool team and more than 150 mold manufacturers.

Roctool was able to meet with many prospects, customers, and partners, who were particularly appreciative of the two live molding demonstrations, but also interested in the presentation of Roctool’s Eco-Molding initiative, combining innovative textures, recycled materials and Roctool’s rapid heat and cool technology. During this intense 8-day exhibition, more than 10 different industries entered into discussions on the Roctool stand: Automotive, Medical, Electronics, Consumer goods and Beauty products among others. Roctool’s technology and Eco-Molding initiative has received very positive feedback from the industry, thanks in particular to the live demonstrations which prove the exceptional replication and quality of the mold surface, and the high molding performance while achieving ambitious eco-responsibility objectives. Since the end of the show, a number of discussions are already underway for the potential launch of new short and medium term projects.

More photos and videos from the show can be found on the Roctool website

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