XANDOR Plastics have invested in Roctool

28 July 2022

XANDOR Plastics have invested in Roctool technology, an innovative and patented process whereby the surface of an injection mould tool is rapidly heated using induction coils embedded directly within the tool steel.

Our Dual Zone units deliver up to 300kW of power via 2 inductor circuits, achieving a mould surface temperature of ~120degC at the exact time when molten material fills the cavity. This momentarily high temperature ensures that material flow fronts passing around apertures in the part design fuse together again when they meet, thus eliminating visual ‘weld lines’, a cosmetic defect often associated with conventional injection moulding.

This approach ensures that XANDOR achieve a high gloss piano black surface on the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport Radiator Grilles, which recently went into production at XANDOR’s Larkhall site in Scotland, supporting our long term customer, Jaguar Land Rover. https://www.linkedin.com/company/xandor-automotive-plastics-division/ 

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Roctool is honored to be a part of these projects with XANDOR Plastics.
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