Magnetic fields

25 April 2024

🧲 Magnetic fields tend to be connected with something mysterious.

Think about science fiction literature or electronic music, where you are beamed into the future or surrounded by synthetic sounds. (If you wonder what we mean, check out Jean-Michel Jarre’s classic record “Magnetic Fields”.)

However, electromagnetic induction is nothing new or strange. Michael Faraday discovered it in the early 19th century, and since the 1950s, induction has been used for heating electrically conductive materials in manufacturing.

Automotive parts production, tube and pipe welding … the number of applications using induction heating goes on and on.

Roctool uses induction to provide supply chains with efficient and eco-friendly molding, as induction quickly heats the mold and allows very precise temperature control. The precision of induction technology also makes it possible to realise Industry 4.0 visions.

The ongoing collaboration between Roctool and ENRX Group accelerates product development while also streamlining the transition for global companies seeking to shift from conventional molding to an electrified alternative.

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