During the JEC World 2024

4 March 2024

♻️Interested in Unlocking Efficiency and Sustainability Through Automation & Digitalization?

Join Jose Feigenblum from Roctool in this round table discussion on the 7th of March at Agora 5 during the JEC Group trade show.

As technology continues to revolutionize manufacturing, the integration of automation, robotics, and digital technologies promises to bring unprecedented efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness to composite production processes.

This session will delve into the latest advancements in digital design tools, simulation, process optimization, and smart manufacturing applied to composites, exploring how these cutting-edge technologies are reshaping the landscape of composite manufacturing, enabling faster production cycles, reducing materials’ use, improved product quality, and enhanced customization options, but also ensuring safety, reducing waste, managing end-of-life, and promoting sustainability.

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