OLLOW integrates Roctool’s new R-IDS™ technology

6 March 2024

Press Release

Wednesday 6th of March 2024

As JEC World 2024 takes place, OLLOW integrates Roctool’s new R-IDS™ technology

By investing in R-IDS™ technology, OLLOW strengthens its production capabilities for molding thermoplastic composites. The first installations of R-IDS™ technology will be operational in the coming months, with the ambition of integration on its future 3000 m2 production unit expected in 2025.

R-IDS™ technology, presented at this year’s JEC by Roctool with live demonstrations, offers innovative, high-performance heated platen solutions dedicated to heating tooling. These induction-heated, water-cooled platens achieve high temperatures, short processing cycles, while guaranteeing optimized energy consumption.

Photo taken during JEC World 2024

This strategic partnership underlines OLLOW’s commitment to adopting the latest high-performance technologies to develop its high-volume production capacities and offer the market a competitive coupling between material and process.

OLLOW’s patented technology involves the automated production of hollow textile preforms and their transformation into composite parts by thermo-consolidation. The first phase is based on raw material trajectory optimization algorithms and continuous production machines, both developed by the start-up.

The second phase combines OLLOW’s own transformation process and high-speed R-IDS™ technology.

Thanks to this innovative technology, OLLOW gains in operational efficiency and productivity, reinforcing its commitment to Social and Environmental Responsibility towards its customers and partners.



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About Ollow: Founded in 2018 under the name 3DiTex by Bertrand Laine and Aymeric Azran, Ollow is a deeptech start-up, producing hollow / tubular multilayer composite textiles that can be deformed (bending / section variation). Its patented innovation consists of algorithms and machines for continuous textile production, aimed at medium and large production runs. Ollow offers a local alternative to outsourcing to Asia, with competitive technology using bio-sourced, recyclable and locally sourced thermoplastics.
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About Roctool: Roctool, specializes in rapid heat and cool technologies for plastic injection and composite molding. The processes developed by Roctool are in production in the following industries: automotive, electronics, consumer products, renewable energy, beauty packaging and medical. Roctool is an induction molding technology, working with plastic and composite including recycled materials. Roctool offers Engineering services, induction generators, tooling hardware and on-site support to manufacturers around the globe. Roctool technologies are well known for removing secondary operations which enable manufacturers to reduce the overall cost of the parts produced, as well as their environmental impact. Headquarters are found in Le Bourget-du-Lac (France), Roctool is present in the USA, China, Japan and Germany.
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