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Heat & Cool for Plastic Injection

Increase your process window when adding Roctool to your mold. The ability to quickly heat the mold and fully control temperature distribution opens new molding possibilities, including shorter cycle time, part quality increase and flow length extension. An immediate Return On Investment.

3iTechTM Heat & Cool Integration

Roctool’s patented technology consists of designing a Heat & Cool layout in order to provide a fast and homogeneous heating. Flexible inductors will allow to follow any complex shape of tooling, while using any metallic alloys from standard steel to more marginal alloys as invar for dedicated applications. A high frequency current will be generated to run through the inductors, creating eddy currents and joule effect to heat up the mold surface. Using standard cooling channels with water and ensuring a fully turbulent flow rate enables efficient cooling of the tool.


Roctool New Induction HeatingTM in Autodesk Moldflow 2016


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