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Heat & Cool for Composite Processing

Induction heating has no match when it comes to heating molds for composite materials. Total process control, no heating limitations and quick cycle time.

Control. Speed. Quality.

LITTM Light Induction Tooling

Enabling an accurate Out Of Autoclave process - OOA

Roctool launched LIT™ (Light Induction Tooling), a turnkey solution which eliminates the need for high cost capital equipment such as autoclaves and compression molding presses.  This process uses shell tooling with induction heating which allows high heat and cooling ramps while maintaining high temperature uniformity on the mold surface. Exceeding aeronautical & automotive performances along with very large mold size capabilities results in an overall superior solution.

IDHTM Induction Dual Heating

Hybrid Technology for Composites Processing & Plastic Injection

From raw materials to finished product with decoration in 60 second cycle time.  Lightweighting with carbon fiber composites and added functionality with overmolded 3D details.

3iTechTM Heat & Cool Integration

Fast and localized heating 

Roctool’s patented technology consists of designing a Heat & Cool layout in order to provide a fast and homogeneous heating. Flexible inductors will allow to follow any complex shape of tooling, while using any metallic alloys from standard steel to more marginal alloys as invar for dedicated applications. A high frequency current will be generated to run through the inductors, creating eddy currents and joule effect to heat up the mold surface. Using standard cooling channels with water and ensuring a fully turbulent flow rate enables efficient cooling of the tool.


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