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Metal Advantages

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Sustainable Thermal Process

Often heat through the tool is not well managed, especially while using RMA (Release Molding Agents). The thermal perturbations have a great impact on the process stability, which Roctool solves with full temperature control.

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Wider Range of Castable Alloys

Thanks to higher heat on the molding surface, more viscous alloys can be injected. The Roctool technology is particularly well adapted to magnesium, aluminium and other special alloys such as amorphous metals.

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New Design Capabilities 

At similar pressure levels, thinner walls and more complex geometries can be casted using the Roctool technology. High heat enables the shot to flow further, also achieving higher mechanical performances globally.

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Surface Quality Enhancement

Through a better control of the flow, the Roctool induction technology reduces or deletes common defects: flow lines, weld lines, atomization, sink marks. The achieved quality allows for a reduction of secondary operations. eg. CNC machining, trimming etc.


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