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All Roctool Generator packages include the following:

  • User Friendly Interface Program
  • Remote Control Panel with Touch Screen
  • Complete User Manual including all specifications
  • 50kW to 300kW Induction Generator
  • Connection box
  • Cooling unit
  • Hydraulic kit
  • Dedicated to Roctool technologies
  • 12 month Warranty & after sales service available
  • Equipment exclusively available to Roctool customers
  • Installation and onsite training by specialized Roctool staff.
Double zone 2x generator

Generator Type - 50kW

Download more information on ROC-A50

50kW generator


The aim of the interface is to pilot the Roctool process and is the link between the press machine, generator and other items such as a thermo-regulator (cooling unit).
The controller can be fixed directly onto the machine or attached to the included pedestal. 
The cables from the controller to the generator and press are included in the package.

Download more information on RT21-Control Panel

Interface RT-21 control pannel



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