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Introducing A New Design Service

At Roctool we believe in bringing excellence to our clients through product differentiation, great consumer experience and increased quality.
Thanks to our recent design studio attached to the R&D lab, we created an "on demand" service adaptable to our customers needs, products and services.
The creative minds in our design studio, work with our technology experts to bring a "WOW" quality to our customers products.


Why us?

Speed and versatility to test all types of surface concepts. Our designers have a background in multiple fields and work closely with our engineering department. Our objective is to fully exploit the Roctool induction heating technology. We are always trying new materials and textures. This is the best way to keep up to date with all the possibilities you can use on your designs.

Noir Et Blanc
Slant Df

New textures, patterns, materials and colors delivered to your door!

You can have an exclusive access to new innovative textures & finishes constantly renewed for plastics and composite. You can also define a specific scope of research to us and detail your specific objectives, like no paint solution or deep black for instance. And our team comes back to you with a complete proposal.


Adapted & collaborative support to develop your product. From early steps onwards.

Our design team will accompany you during the design process to maximize the potential which Roctool technology can bring to your product. We have the combined knowledge to work with your design and/or engineering teams on all aspects: shape, material, ergonomics and appearance.


Validation of prototypes and final molded product!

With our design service, you can test all the materials you like in our existing molds to validate your choice and discover new surface possibilities.

Get in touch

If you want to know more about this design service and what we can do for you, feel free to contact us

Let's design together with both materials and shapes, to bring innovation to the world.

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