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We gathered below the most popular frequently asked questions to Roctool. If you don't find the answer to your question, please reach out to us here.

Why is there a better surface quality with Roctool technologies VS conventional?

Roctool’s induction technique heat the mold surface in few seconds to a perfect molding temperature. So the preheated resin is injected in a hot mold VS a colder tool conventionally. This is a way to guaranteed a resin rich surface and get rid of major defects such as visible weld lines, flow lines, sinks.

Can warpage be simulated with the Roctool technology?

Yes. Roctool engineering team uses a flow analysis software that can anticipate warpage using high heat induction heating.

Can an existing tool be retrofitted?

If the target is purely cosmetic (example: weld line, flow lines, etc…) then it is possible to redo the cavity side and integrate the inductor coils to improve the part surface on one side. However, a feasibility check is needed on the existing tool design in order to verify the initial tool construction.

Can standard steel be used?

Yes. P20, H11, H13 are the main steels for Roctool technologies.

What is a typical heating time?

3 to 10 sec.

What is the lead time on the induction coils?

2 weeks is necessary for manufacturing the induction coils that are integrated in each tool. Each coil is insulated with an specific insulation layer. Coils are made by Roctool globally.

What is the lead time on the complete engineering and tool design support?

Roctool engineering services propose a 2 to 3 weeks lead time for the complete engineering project package.

How is the cooling done?

Once the tool surface is quickly heated by induction, then the water cooling lines can cool down the part and tool surface. Regular water is used, usually around 40C.

What is the possible max temperature on the tool surface?

There is no max temperature per say. But we can say that 450 C is the max temperature (Ex: Peek is processed at 360C and PC is processed at 170C on the tool surface with Roctool technologies). Roctool is also investigating induction heating for die cast where very high temperature can be reached.

Why not use steam or hot water?

Induction heating outperforms old heat and cool systems such as oil, electric resistances, hot water and steam: better heating speed, higher energy efficiency, greater temperature distribution and high temperature level.

Is the technology already in production?

Yes. Many parts are in production today for the automotive, consumer products, electronic applications… Roctool technology made already few millions of parts and keep reaching new applications every year.

How about the warranty?

Each generator unit has a 12 months warranty on site. Terms and Conditions are available upon request.


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