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Lionel Schaal talking about how Roctool can tackle two of the composite industry's most pressing needs.

Journalist: So if you look at the Roctool molding technology, what are some of the aspects where you see the need for such technology growing going forward ?

Lionel SCHAAL (Key Account Manager at Roctool): There is really two aspects that we try to tackle with composites in those industries and we talk about them later. They would be lightweighting so stiff materials, strong materials and then decorative aspects having a decorative cover like you see on those kind of products here where we can apply real wood, real leather, real textiles on a composite structure.

J: Let’s talk a little bit about the materials that you’re using and some of the high-tech composites that you think bring advantages to your solution

L.S: The decorative material can be anything. They can be again wood, leather, textiles and even stone. The composite in the background needs to be extremely stiff, compliance with the automotive or consumer product requirements and strong enough in different design aspects of the products with attachments in the back as well which is another type of technology we are able to provide to add functionality to a product itself


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