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Consumer Product Application Specialist - Paris France

Location: Paris (France)

Roctool is creating a new team based in Paris, France.  

The Roctool Technology Design Office in Paris will be dedicated to connecting and innovating with top brands of strategic market segments, including Consumer Electronics, Consumer Products and Automotive. The Roctool technology brings new molding solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers and it is critical to understand what those brands want to achieve and what we can achieve with them.


Roctool is a Heat and Cool technologies leader on a worldwide scale. Roctool’s innovative technologies for high performance molding, protected by more than 80 patents, are used in production in many market segments such as automotive, consumer electronics, aerospace and more. With engineering staff and molding experts driving the innovation, Roctool can support world-class brands to achieve unique applications. Roctool induction process is now fully adapted for plastic injection and compression molding, including multiple configurations to fit with tier manufacturers requirements. Roctool’s Research and Development team is adapting the technologies to more materials including metal. Roctool ambition is to become a manufacturing standard for multiple materials, with a customer and product oriented team.


The Consumer Product Application Specialist is responsible for growing Roctool existing network within the Consumer Product design world, especially related to packaging, cosmetic applications, luxury products, and top surface quality products. As a design oriented person, the Consumer Products Application Specialist sees where the Roctool technology can be used to improve quality, reduce cost and offer new design innovations. In direct communications with top Brands/OEM, the Consumer Product Application Specialist shares what the Roctool technology can do and support Roctool engineering teams in identifying relevant applications.

Job Description

  • Connect with top consumer products brands
  • Grow Roctool network within consumer product design world
  • Share Roctool technologies quality and performance achievements
  • Coordinate initial discussions with a clear product orientation
  • Generate Brand interest to explore Roctool technologies for multiple applications
  • Support Brand request and work on material sampling
  • Work on feasibility cases where Roctool technology could be used
  • Highlight Roctool advantages based on product requirements and key advantages per market
  • Collaborate with RocTool business development team regarding sourcing, tool shops and other vendors, especially based on the OEM request
  • Support the HD plastics™ database and team up with marketing tactical efforts

Key Skills 

  • Colors and Materials Knowledge
  • Good communications skills
  • Product Design
  • Design Passion
  • Color and Texturing knowledge
  • Industrial Design
  • French, English and Italian speaking

Education and experience

This position requires an industrial design and/or material engineering degree. Design oriented, he/she has at least 5 years of professional experience, preferably related to “Color and Materials” at an OEM.

Other skills and qualifications 

Ambitious, autonomous and entrepreneurial spirit, high energy and passionate, networking, persuasion, prospecting, very good communicator, research, writing, curious, identification of customer needs and challenges, market knowledge, professionalism, CAD and Microsoft Office. 

Attractive compensation package + benefits based on experience and profile

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