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4 proprietary technologies

Noun 1226328

6 offices in 6 countries  

Noun 21898

135 patents worldwide

Noun 44291

26 countries of sale

Noun 707551

63 people

Noun 1168341

88 global clients

Noun 1240920

275 system intallations

Noun 197034

35M manufactured parts




Mathieu Boulanger - Roctool CEO

Mathieu Boulanger CEO - Roctool

Mathieu is Roctool Chief Executive Officer. Mathieu joined Roctool in January 2004. After 10 years at Roctool Headquarters in France, he was responsible for global sales activities, key accounts and strategic orientations regarding the technologies market positioning. In 2013, Matt started developing the North American subsidiary for Roctool and is now based in Charlotte, NC. Matt developed a result oriented spirit which is one of today Roctool's key asset..

Jean-Marie Demeautis - President of Roctool Board of Directors

Jean-Marie Demeautis Chairman of Roctool Board of Directors

Jean-Marie Demeautis has over 20 year's solid experience in development strategies and innovation; he has gained a strong marketing vision and expertise with differentiated solutions. With his unwavering international career, primarily focused around NYSE listed American companies such as WR Grace and Sealed Air Corp. Jean-Marie became Global President for the Cryovac Food Solutions division, worldwide leader in packaging, particularly for fresh foods, Vice President and Corporate Officer of Sealed Air.

Francois Barbier - President of Global Operations and Compunents at Flex headshot

François Barbier President of Global Operations and Components at Flex (NASDAQ: FLEX)

Mr. Barbier previously held other leadership positions at Flex, including President of the Mobile and Consumer Division and Senior Vice President of European Operations. Prior to joining Flex, he was Vice President of Operations for Alcatel's Mobile Phone Division, where he launched industrial facilities in France, Eastern Europe, and China. Mr. Barbier holds an engineering (BTS) degree in production and completed a post graduate business program from Alcatel University.

Olivier Denigot - Venture Partner, A Plus Finance

Olivier Denigot Venture Partner, A Plus Finance

19 years in private equity. Olivier is a Venture partner for A Plus Finance. He is also the founder of Klever Invest, a platform dedicated to professional services for Private Equity firms and companies. During his career, Olivier has worked, led or managed investments in more than 40 innovative companies.

Dr. Jose Feignblum - Roctool CTO

Dr. José Feigenblum CTO Group & GM China

As a high level expert in induction heating, José is Roctool’s Chief Technical Officer. José is responsible of technical activities, Research and Development programs, as well as Intellectual Properties Strategy. José with more than 11 years at Roctool, he developed the main technologies and his technical skills allowed Roctool to reach key production programs in the industry.  In 2017, Jose relocated to Shanghai, China to set up Roctool largest Demonstration Centre which will be operational in the second half of 2018.

Valery Huot - Managing Partner, Innovation Capital

Valéry Huot Managing Partner, Head of Innovation Capital

Valery, Managing Partner of Innovation Capital since 2004, joined LBO France in 2016 when both companies merged. He has been involved in many trade sales and IPOs (Novaled, Aldebaran Robotics, RSI Video Systems, eFront, Anevia, Doubletrade, Netcentrex..). He started his carreer in Australia in a joint research lab between Telstra and Sydney Uni, then worked at the French Defense Procurement Agency and later at the French Treasury in charge of SMEs financing and innovation politics. He then co-led in 2001 the fund of fund activity of CDC Entreprises. Valery graduated from Stanford University and Ecole Polytechnique.

David Tate - Managing Partner, Fraper Esprit Secondaries

David Tate Managing Partner, Draper Esprit Secondaries

David has considerable experience of managing high growth technology investments mainly in software but also in electronics and hardware. He currently sits on the boards of Wyplay, Neteven and mplSystems. His former board involvements include, amongst others, Cast Software (Euronext), Neophotonics (NYSE), Cerillion Technologies (AIM) and TraceOne (sold to HG Capital). He was educated at Oxford and London Universities and has undertaken the Advanced Management Program at INSEAD. He is also a Charted Accountant.


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